Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Guidelines for SUG Elections 2022/2023

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The guidelines for the 2022/2023 Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana Students’ Union Government General Elections are listed below.

1. All Contestants/Aspirants are advised to adhere strictly to Article Two, Section (V) of the SUG Constitution (As Amended 2017) which states inter-alia: Any student contesting for Elective office shall have made up to 2.50 grade point in his/her semester academic performance, except for the PRESIDENT which shall be 2.75.

2. All voters (students) are to present their school identity card, 2022/2023 official school fees receipt and 2022/2023 SUG fees receipt for accreditation before being allowed to vote.

3. No commercial vehicle(s)/motorcycle(s) should be allowed within the voting areas/campus.

4. A total of 38 polling booths will be used for the elections; each contestant is to submit 38 polling agents with their photographs. Contestants are to submit also to the Dean, Student Affairs/Chief Electoral Officer 38 posters in A paper in either black and white or coloured.

5. Campaign trains/groups should conduct themselves in orderly and peaceful manner.

6. All contestants are to be present at the manifesto presentation. Absence will attract outright disqualification.

7. No aspirant is to campaign on the day of the election. All campaigns should end 12:00 midnight on Friday, December 2, 2022. Any aspirant who violates this rule stands the chance of being disqualified.

8. In order to have a credible election, the voters should locate their polling booths or ask any electoral officer on ground for assistance.

9. Refusal to appear for manifesto by any contestant (even unopposed) attracts disqualification except on grounds of ill-health. A medical report to the effect would be Issued by the director, medical services of the Polytechnic. 10. Election petitions should be submitted to the office of the dean/chief electoral officer within 48(forty-eight) hours after the announcement of the results.

11. All contestants/aspirants are advised to strictly observe the above election guidelines as any contestant/aspirant who infringes on any of the guidelines will be disqualified.

12. Any student who destroys any Polytechnic property will be made to replace the same. In addition, Management will impose on the student any other punishment it may decide.

13. The Dean, Student Affairs/Chief Electoral Officer is the only person that has the right to announce the final results after counting have been properly conducted.

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