Ajayi Crowther University School Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session

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Ajayi Crowther University School Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session has been released online.

Ajayi Crowther University

ACU school fees

The authorities of the Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) has released the amount payable as school fees by undergraduate students (both fresh and returning students) of the university for the 2022/2023 academic session and the payment procedure.

Ajayi Crowther University School Fees Schedule.

Senate at its Emergency Meeting held on August, 2019, reviewed the 2022/2023 undergraduate school fees as stated below:

1. B.Sc. Physics ₦250,000.00
2. B.Sc. Mathematics ₦250,000.00
3. B.Sc. Political Science ₦350,000.00
4. B.Sc. Banking and Finance ₦250,000.00
5. B.A. English ₦250,000.00
6. B.A. Performing Arts/Music ₦200,000.00
7. B.A. Library and Information Science ₦250,000.00
8. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry ₦250,000.00
9. B.Sc. Estate Management ₦300,000.00
10. B.Sc. Architecture ₦400,000.00

Department of Performing Arts and Music

  1. Certificate in Cinematography and Film Studies – ₦50,000
  2. Certificate in Music – ₦50,000
  3. Diploma in Church Music – ₦150,000
  4. Diploma in Music – ₦150,000
  5. Diploma in Performing Arts – ₦150,000
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Music – ₦200,000 per Session
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts – ₦200,000 per session

Ajayi Crowther University School Fees (PDF 439 KB)

How to Pay Ajayi Crowther University School Fees.

Do not Pay to any individual, staff or any bank account other than the designated ones. The University will not be liable for any wrong payments to fraudsters.

a) Visit the University website (www.acu.edu.ng), locate (on top of the website) and click on ‘ACU Payment Portal’.

b)  Thereafter, login using your matric number as the username and password.

c) Then click on the fee instalment you intend to pay or click on Pay Desired Fee‘ and enter amount in the space provided to pay either: (i) ‘ON LINE’ OR (ii) ‘AT ANY BANK

d)  To pay online, Click on ‘Pay ONLINE’ and follow the link to pay online. OR

e) To pay at any bank, simply Click on ‘PAY THROUGH BANK BRANCH’ and copy the RRR Number or print out the page containing RRR Number from the platform to pay your fee at any bank via remita link platform.

f)    After successful transaction, print out the slip and submit at University Bursary to obtain official receipt.

 Pay ACU Student Assembly (ACUSA) fee directly to the association and collect receipt at their Secretariat
Payment of personal cheque is NOT acceptable. Hence, do not deposit any cheque into the University’s account
For enquiries and clarifications on the fees schedule, call officers in ACU Bursary on 08068753469 and 08036327145.


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