Airtel Data Transfer – How to Share and transfer Data From Airtel to Airtel

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Airtel Data Transfer – How to Share and transfer Data From Airtel to Airtel

Airtel is one of the most customer friendly networks when it has to do with data offer. The quantity of data Airtel offers you as a customer is not something you should allow to expire. In this article, we will teach you other ways of using your excess data offer from Airtel such that you do not loose at the end of the day.

Airtel Data TransferAirtel Data Transfer

How do I make use of my excess data or how do I prevent my data from expiring?

Your data will expire if you do not make good use of it and as such your money will be wasted. Sometimes you have an important thing to search for on the on internet and you purchase large quantity of data, after the task you discover that there is still more data left than you expected and at this point , this is what you should do share the data or make an outright transfer to your friends and loved ones.

With whom Do I share my Airtel data?

You can share your Airtel data with friend, family and well-wishers, colleagues at the office, church members etc. But strictly to Airtel users. But to successfully share data with these category of people, they must use the Airtel Data Balance Plan. If they have another internet provider, then you cannot share data with them. You may share internet data packs if you use Airtel Family Share or Airtel Data Share. You can use any of the internet sharing format listed here 2G, 3G,  and the most recent one which is 4G.

Steps Top Share Data On Airtel

You can share data with up to four registered member in your group as long as you have enough to share with them

  • You can share the data monthly as soon as you subscribe
  • Data share does not waste time, it is smart and
  • You can share your data in two ways; through SMS or you share it online.
  • You will add beneficiaries to your data account before you can share data to them.

How to Share Data through SMS

Sharing data through SMS by using Airtel Data Code is an alternative way of sharing data. Do not forget that the data can only be shared with others if you have sufficient data in your data balance. The procedures are;

  • Send an SMS with the word “SHARE” to 121; Airtel customer service will be sent a response; you will be given instructions on how to share your internet with others; adhere to the simple instructions.

The nest thing that will be required of you is to add your beneficiaries by using the steps below;

  • SMS ADD” to 121; For instance: e.g. “ADD 8888888888” and send to 121;

The customer service will ask for a confirmation for sharing Airtel Data Code; Just press one for confirmation; Now you can share your Airtel Data Balance with that particular number; You will continue to share this balance until you delete this number from your list.

How To Share Airtel Data Online

  • Subscribe your phone with a 3G or 4G packs if you want to share the data
  • Always check your Airtel Data Balance to confirm you have enough data to share. You can check your Airtel data balance by dialing dial *123*11#
  • Then follow this link to visit the Airtel official website or copy the link and paste on your browser. Just enter –;
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your Airtel Password or a one-time password that will be sent to you via SMS from Airtel
  • If you have successfully entered your number and password – you can log into Airtel.
  • Choose the number which you want to share your Airtel Data with

At this point, a little more caution is advised. Ensure to confirm the number you want to share your data with that it is correct.

How to Delete a Wrong Number from Your Beneficiary’s List

If you have made the above stated mistake while trying to share data, then, there is no need to panic, just delete the wrong number and add the correct one by using this simple SMS procedure;

  • Send an SMS with the word “DEL” to 121;
  • For instance: “DEL 8888888888” send to 121;
  • Deleting automatically disables the owner of this number from sharing your data.

How To transfer data from Airtel to Airtel

 Sharing data entails allowing another Airtel subscriber the leverage to use your data with you. While transferring data shows and an outright command to allot a specific quota from your data bundle to the beneficiary. You can send 10, 25 and even up to 60mb data to your friends who are in need. This is how to send.

How to transfer 60 MB Airtel Data?

For instant transfer of 60MB Airtel Data to friends and family simply, dial the *141*712*4* Valid Airtel Number#; For example *141*712*4*8888888888# and dial the number; and follow the information on your display

How to transfer 25 MB Airtel Data?

For instant transfer of 25MB Airtel Data to friends and family simply, dial *141*712*9* Valid Airtel Number#; For example *141*712*9*8888888888# and dial the number; and follow the information on your display;

How to transfer 10 MB Airtel Data?

If you want to send 10MB Data to your friend, then simply dial the next USSD Code – *141*712*11* Valid Airtel Number#; For Instance, *141*712*11*8888888888# and dial the number; and follow the information displayed to you.

 N/B; Airtel subscribers who use this service or would like to use the service should note the following;

  • That data can share the data with prepaid mobile customers
  • That Charges occur for every transaction of mobile data is charged;
  • That Only one transaction is allowed daily.
  • That data send to wrong recipient will not be refunded by Airtel. And to avoid this, ensure to double check the number before transferring your data.

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