Actress Sylvia Ukaatu says she will start hook up business

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Sylvia Ukaatu, a Nollywood actress and  producer who has featured in several films since her inception in 2008, has one major thing lacking in her life; a man to call her own.

Actress Sylvia Ukaatu

The single mum of one while lamenting on the poor economic situation of the country, revealed that she is ready for high bid ‘Hookups’.

“This year has been a blessing despite the ups and downs surrounding our country. It has made me delve into other businesses to survive; Business like clothing and real estate. It has affected all, nobody is an exception of this. Is it hunger that I should talk about or inflation of goods and human services or should I talk about the decrease in film production because nobody wants to produce and have it not viewed due to high cost of data. In fact, these days, young ladies are looking for all means to survive by agreeing to sex for money and all. They are into hookups as it is now called and even if they have business idea, where is the capital to start it. That’s why I don’t judge anyone because if I see any high bid hookup, I go do oh (laughs),” he said in an interview with Saturday Sun.

The Script Interpreter who’s currently in a movie location in Agbor, Delta State further stated that she might not get married, however she would rather have one more kids and raise them alone.

“I am so single right now. You can link me to your brother, let me give him a trial. Coping with life as a single mum hasn’t been easy for me, but I’m doing just fine as the matter, due to the rate at which celebrity marriages pack up these days, I’d rather have another baby in addition to my daughter. Then close chapter for husband wahala. If I need I man, I know how to go about it. Man never finish for Nigeria. I don’t have dildo. I do men not toys; the feelings are different,” she said.

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