ABUTH General (Basic) Nursing Entrance Exam Schedule

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Did you apply for General (Basic) Nursing at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital? if yes, then you are in the right page explore. The management of the institution wishes to inform Applicants who will be participating in the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital General Nursing Entrance Examination that the Batch and timing for the Examination has been released.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

Check their Application number according to their Batch Timing.(Every applicant that submitted his/her application for General Nursing is invited for the exams)

Entrance Exams: General(Basic) Nursing: Tuesday 26th July, 2022 at A.B.U. CBT Centre, Opposite Gymnasium/stadium Samaru.

  1. Batch A. 8:00am (ABUTH/2022/DP/20921 – ABUTH/2022/DP/23813)
  2. Batch B. 8:45am (ABUTH/2022/DP/23815 – ABUTH/2022/DP/24202)
  3. Batch C. 9:45am (ABUTH/2022/DP/24203 – ABUTH/2022/DP/24538)
  4. Batch D. 10:30am (ABUTH/2022/DP/24541 – ABUTH/2022/DP/24905)
  5. Batch E. 11:15am (ABUTH/2022/DP/24906 – ABUTH/2022/DP/25264)
  6. Batch F. 12:00noon (ABUTH/2022/DP/25265 – ABUTH/2022/DP/25608)
  7. Batch G. 12:30pm (ABUTH/2022/DP/25610 – ABUTH/2022/DP/25948)
  8. Batch H. 1:00pm (ABUTH/2022/DP/25949 – ABUTH/2022/DP/26330)
  9. Batch I. 1:45pm (ABUTH/2022/DP/26331 – ABUTH/2022/DP/27660)
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