ABU Honorary Degrees Award Proposal 2022

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In accordance with the Provisions of Statute 11 (2), the Visitor, Chancellor, Pro- Chancellor, Officers of the University, Council and Senate Members are hereby invited to submit proposals if any, for the conferment of Honorary Degrees of Ahmad Bello University to deserving persons. All proposals received shall, in accordance with the Statute, be considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee for recommendation to the Senate and the Governing Council of the University.


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In general, only persons of outstanding character and merit should be proposed for conferment of honorary degrees. They should be:

  1. Persons who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to learning in their field of specialization or community service;
  2. Persons who have made significant contribution to the nation in Public Service, Commerce, Business, Industry, Science and Technology; and
  3. Persons who have made significant contribution to the cultural life of the nation by their work in the various art.

Other conditions include:

  1. Post-humous nominations can be made only in exceptional circumstances and even then, normally within a period of two years since the demise of the nominee.
  2. No serving person in Political or Public office should be nominated.

Subject to the foregoing, the Visitor, Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Officers of the University, Members of Council and Senate are requested to kindly submit any proposals they may have to the Registrar not later than 28th November, 2022 under confidential cover. In submitting a recommendation for the conferment of an Honorary Degree, justification must be offered in support. In addition, a detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate proposed should be attached, please.

NB: Only nominations from the above officers would be considered in accordance with the Statute.

Rabiu Samaila
Registrar and Secretary to Council

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