5 Tips That Can Help You Avoid Shipment Delays

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It doesn’t matter if you are either a big or small business you must recognize the necessity of efficiency. The utmost importance. Inefficiency in the business will only lead to financial loss. One of the most frequent victims of inefficiency would be the method of shipping employed by a company, and there are many common problems that can cause direct delays in shipping.

Below are some tips by CSA Transportation to avoid unwelcome delays.

  1. Communication paths that are clear

Sometime in the future, communication issues occur in the workplace. Setting up a reliable line of communication is vital in ensuring that all participants in the project are aware of the duties they have to contribute to at any time.

If anyone in the shipping process is not sure of their role, you can expect that the process of shipping to slow, or even slow down. Your employees must be informed of their obligations and roles.

  1. Address System Delays Promptly

Every company has a specific delivery system. If one aspect of their system is slow delays can be anticipated. It is essential to fix any issues with the system at the most quickly possible, or else the entire process of shipping could be slowed down, leading to delays and more errors.

  1. Avoid Supply Shortages

Another issue that should be addressed quickly is the case of a shortage of the supply. If not addressed promptly, supply shortages could cause shipping processes to slow down. Be sure that your business has enough resources to fulfill orders and speed-up delivery times, and do not let your stock levels decrease to alarming levels.

Otherwise, expect your shipping operations to be plagued by frequent delays and errors. The average monthly usage of supplies and ensure that you have enough supplies to prevent shortages.

  1. Managing Delays

If delays are inevitable the need to always have an alternative plan for fixing the issue will be a huge benefit. The alternate course is clearly communicated to every one of the team.

This will ensure that major delays are avoided. No one should have to wait to find out what to do, as well as everyone will be in a position follow the plan B as easily such as changing the gears of the automobile.

  1. Choose the Right Shipping Method

If your shipment weighs less than 40kg then it’s best to make use of a transporter service like FedEx as well as DHL. They can pick up your shipment at the location of the supplier and manage the local customs clearance and will deliver the items to your customers within three days.

If the goods weigh greater than 40 kilograms but less than 250kg it is recommended to make use of the Air freight consolidator service and employ an expert in freight forwarding.

If your shipment is due in the near future and has a volume of more than two cubic meters or greater than 335kg it is possible to choose sea freight in lieu or LTL (Less than Container Load )shipping that has a time for delivery that is approximately four weeks.


Customers expect that their package to be delivered in the manner they the agreed upon timeframe and being able to exceed and sometimes even meet over their expectations can ensure a long-term profit for your business. By following these simple, straightforward reminders can help to avoid the risk of costly delays and mistakes in shipping.

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