5 Things to do When Applying For Nigerian Custom Recruitment 2023

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Here in this post we will show you five important things to do if you want to apply for the ongoing 2023 Custom recruitment.

The Nigerian custom service announced on the 17th April 2023 the commencement of recruitment of competent and qualified candidates into the scheme. With the online portal open, the body has received thousands if not millions applications so far. However, the commission has also made it clear they will be hiring less than six thousand persons meaning the chances are quite slim.

We want to share with you some of the most important tips to follow while applying for not just The Nigerian custom service 2023 job, but any top job in Nigeria. The truth is there is a huge competition when it comes to job in Nigeria owing to the fact there is no enough recruitment opportunity in the country.

Here are the five important tips we know will give you better chance of being selected in the ongoing Nigerian Custom Recruitment 2023:

  1. Supply Accurate Information: This is the most important part of any recruitment process. The information you supply goes a long way in boosting your chances of being selected for later stages of the recruitment. People often supply inaccurate information in order to boost their chances of passing the initial stages of recruitment process. The truth about this is that, if you are luckily selected you will certainly have to provide the claimed information.
  2. Do not Supply More Than One Application: People often think they are smart by submitting two or more applications. Well, this is in no way smartness as you surely will get disqualified as soon as this is discovered. As a matter of fact, you can only appear once in the physical screening session or interview session if luckily selected, meaning even if both applications is been reviewed and selected you can only stand in for one. However, it is never advisable to this no matter what the situation is or no matter how slim you feel your chances are. Most applicants often apply for different positions with different level of certificate. Whatever the case may be, it is never advisable as you will get disqualified if this is discovered.
  3. Add the Right Job Experience: It will be crazy for you to apply as a driver for instance then give your job experience as a teacher, funny, isn’t it? Well, you need to make sure your job experience matches the position you are applying for in order to boost your chances of being selected. However, in as much as you are trying to add a relevant job experience to your application you must make sure it is something you can handle or perhaps have a good knowledge about as you may be ask to perform a certain task in that field during the interview.
  4. Ensure Uploading Your Most Recent Passport: I have witnessed an applicant being chased out for in the interview panel for impersonation even after providing some form of evidence. Who knows if it was him or he was actually impersonating? So, you surely need to upload your most recent passport photograph to avoid this type of occurrence.
  5. Upload The Right Documents as Required: Next thing is the upload of required document to the web portal, and as required. People often neglect this part thinking it is not important or perhaps nobody will go through the documents. This in most cases leads to disqualification of most applicants in numerous cases. So, we are telling you that uploading the right documents on the online portal plays an important part of giving you an access to the next level of not just the Nigerian Custom Recruitment but other jobs as well. Be sure to clearly scan your documents making sure that every single information is clearly seen before uploading it to the online portal.

The above steps are some of the points we know employers strictly scrutinize before allowing applicant any chance of even trying the next level of recruitment. Most people neglect this thing but we know from now you definitely will not do such again.

We regularly provide guides like this on this site to help you succeed in your day-to-day aspiration. However, if you have any comment, question or contribution, the comment box is always open for you.

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