Top 10 Easiest Countries to Travel to From Nigeria

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Top 10 Easiest Countries to Travel to From Nigeria

This article will help you to know the Easiest country to Travel to from Nigeria. Are you looking forward to travel abroad to build a dream or get a job and start a new life? Maybe you have even tried to migrate a couple of times and your effort has not yielded any positive result. Don not throw in the towel yet. Read further to see 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

At the end of this post you would have been able to make a better choice of country to migrate to. Make sure you migrate through the legal means please. The listed 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria below have the easiest entry procedure in the world.

The list of 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

1. Canada

The first country on our list of 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Canada. Canada is probably the friendliest nations on earth. The Republic of Canada has emphatically opened its border to displaced people from war-torn countries. keeping in mind that you probably won’t consider Canada as a country with a lot of beach, it really has the longest coastline on the planet at 202,080 km. Be that as it may, to get an easy VISA to enter Canada you need to be skilled.

2. Panama

Panama is a free country in Central America with a beachy scene and a considerable measure of English speakers. (The US dollar is its cash.) Some of the best espresso on the planet is grown there. It’s a nation that is viewed as protected and very much developed, which additionally makes it truly alluring to retirees.

Panama’s retiree VISA requires a monthly income of $1,000. In case you’re not mature enough to resign, a $5,000 deposit in a Panamanian bank gets you in the entryway for permanent residency. If you hail from one of the 50 nations that are considered as friendly nations by Panama (example US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria), you are qualified for a Friendly Nations VISA. To become a citizen, you will be required to have a job.

3. Austria

Austria is a dazzling little nation that offers a lot of mountain fun as the snow-topped Alps, which really cover 62% of the nation. From Austria, you can explore many other European nations. The way of life in Austria is in some cases described as a “Perpetual Resort”.

4. Belgium

Holiday is always fun in Belgium. For lovers of breathtaking natural beauty, amazing architecture, unlimited beer and chocolate in a cozy little country, Belgium is the country you should go to. Belgium is for sure a dynamic nation filled with possibilities and fun.

All you need to stay in Belgium is a Job. You can apply for the job from your home and once you get it, you will be granted a residency permit. Though the residency permit is not the same as a Residency VISA, so long as you keep the working there with time you can apply for a permanent Residency VISA.

5. Ecuador

Ecuador has for all intents and purposes unmatched excellence, an unlimited array of mountain tops, volcanoes, shorelines, and islands. It is named after the equator, which goes through it, and is the main nation on the planet named after a geological component. The typical cost for basic items in Ecuador is low, and the US dollar is the official money.

The most straightforward approach to get lasting Residency VISA in Ecuador is known as a retired person’s VISA. In spite the fact that it is intended for retirees, there aren’t in reality any age prerequisites to get one. You simply need to demonstrate that you will get $800 every month for the length of your stay. With $800 a month in Ecuador, imagine how much fun and comfort you will enjoy.

6. Mexico

In case you’re worried about the destructive drug trade, you might be enticed to skip Mexico as an alternative destination. In any case, there are still places in Mexico that are protected, and not just that, they are loaded with clean shorelines, mountain, charming towns, and upscale urban joys, great food. Besides, the nation presented chocolate, chilies, and corn to the world.

You can enter into Mexico rapidly with an FMM VISA, accessible at any air terminal or border area for just $21. At the point when your VISA lapses in a half year period, you can renew it once more, and there is no limit to how many times you can renew it. Note, you can’t get a job with an FMM VISA, but you can apply for a residency VISA that allows work for just a couple extra cash. You will also be required to leave the country briefly to apply for the Residency VISA.

7. Belize

Do you love staying on a beach, just resting in the soft clean sand? Then you should really check out Belize. The normal temperature is 84F (29C), so you can enjoy as many beach times as you want. Situated between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a nation that harmonizes eight distinct cultures. It is an English-speaking nation with an ease of living.

You can visit Belize with a 30-days VISA. The 30-days VISA can be renews on expiration. To get a permanent VISA, you would have lived in Belize for 50 Weeks. You will be required to make payment of $1000 and go through some bureaucratic process to get a permanent residence. You will need to apply for a Lawyer and a job permit to keep you active while waiting for the 50 weeks clause to be reached.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is exceptionally alluring to relocation searchers because of its tranquil and nice inhabitants. Peaceful visitors will appreciate the fact that it does not have a national armed force. Furthermore, Costa Rica has 801 miles of staggering coastline, world-class medical service, and 52 species of hummingbirds.

The typical cost for basic items in Costa Rica isn’t too high. Couples will require about $2,500 every month to live easily. In case you’re hoping to resign, Costa Rica has a retiree program people that can show a $1,000 monthly income. Most people will be required to get a job before they are given a permanent VISA. If you have the skills needed in Costa Rica, it will be way easy for you to get permanent VISA. Skills like English teacher or an entertainer for tourist is highly sort for.

9. Nicaragua

Disregard what you think you know about Nicaragua and see that it is a stunningly delightful nation with two perfect coastlines and hospitable people. It’s additionally incredible for stargazers – 86 out of 88 heavenly bodies in the night sky can be seen plainly in Nicaragua.

In case you’re fascinated, Nicaragua offers a retirement program like Ecuador’s, aside from that you just need to demonstrate a pay of $600 monthly. The program is intended for individuals not less than 45 years of age, yet this necessity are regularly ignored if you earn above the required $600.

What’s more, prepare to be blown away. You don’t really should be resigned to qualify. The administration of Nicaragua has a great deal of adaptability in what it calls work. For instance, you could claim an eatery or little lodging and still be named resigned. You can likewise keep on freelancing for an abroad organization and truly get the retirement VISA.

Interestingly, you do not have to completely stop working to be classified as retired. The government of Nicaragua allows an individual to own some small businesses or freelance for organizations but still qualifies for the retirement residence package.

10. Paraguay

Last but not the least on the 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Paraguay. If you are one of those persons that want to just board a flight and disappear, Paraguay is where you should be thinking of visiting. Paraguay shares a common boundary with Argentina and Brazil; yet it is still not well known as expected. Literacy rate is quite high in Paraguay, even higher than that of the USA. It is packed with great personalities, immense beautiful vistas, and easy living.

Because of some obscure factors, getting a permanent VISA in Paraguay is pretty easy. You are required to pay about 35x of the countries minimum wage into a Paraguayan bank. This is about $4,500-$5,500 USD. After 3 years of residence you can apply for citizenship.

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