10 Best Universities to Study Biochemistry in Nigeria

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10 Best Universities to Study Biochemistry in Nigeria

Are you confused about the best university to study biochemistry? Search no more! We will be looking at the 10 best schools that really lecture and train their students well as far as the course ”biochemistry” is concerned, you don’t need to get confused when we are here.
These schools below should and must be considered by any serious student aspiring for biochemistry, otherwise the person never really wanted to go for the course. Take time and go through this list before you land yourself somewhere that you do not deserve.

Biochemistry is no doubt a very promising line of study. This is because it enables you to work in so many establishments across Nigeria and even beyond. We will be looking at these 10 best university to study biochemistry in Nigeria. These particular institutions that we will be discussing as we further progress are the ones that stand out in this wonderful course, across Nigeria. Sit down as we take you on a tour of the 10 best universities that offer biochemistry in Nigeria.


This is the first of the 10 best university to study biochemistry here in Nigeria. At the inception of this school in 1960, the department of biochemistry wasn’t a department. It was just a part of the Department of Physiology under the faculty of medicine. But over time, this has changed. They are not just restricted to those departments, their scope has been increased to contain more. They now have the department of biochemistry with the following areas under it at the undergraduate level; Biotechnology Drug metabolism and toxicology.

Membrane biochemistry Microbial Biochemistry and fermentation. Microbial biology and oncology brewing
Forensic Biochemistry. Also, they have been into four academic sections since 1984. These academic sections include; Cancer research and molecular biology. Membrane Biochemistry and biotechnology Nutritional and industrial biochemistry/biochemical toxicology. Molecular drug metabolism and toxicology If you want to go for biochemistry and you are not considering this school, I wonder what you are considering. This school is good at what they do and should be anyone’s first choice.


This is another wonderful option when looking for a university to study biochemistry. This school wants to produce biochemists who are not just up-to-date with all the modern aspects of their discipline, but also out to solve the problem of Nigeria and Africa with respect to their discipline. The undergraduate program at UNN actualizes topic that has to do with the Nigerian man. Topics like; Nutrition and food science. Basis of chemotherapy The biochemistry of the soil and locally significant micro-organisms. They also included Topics from African traditional medicine. Topics like human biochemical genetics concerning west African sub-regions.
Lipids and lipoproteins.

And also, Environmental biochemistry. The courses they offer include, General biochemistry and bioinformatics, Medical biochemistry, plant food, and nutritional biochemistry, Molecular biology and biotechnology, Pharmacological Biochemistry and Toxicology. Immunology and immunochemistry,
Enzymology and protein biochemistry, Biochemical methods etc.

Also, biochemistry students are to do a Research project on a biochemical topic that has to do with our immediate locality before graduating. This is to inform the person of how tough his job is. So if you want to be a good biochemist that will solve the need of your immediate environment, then think no more, go for the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. You will get just what you want.


This is another great option for a university to study biochemistry in Nigeria. But then unlike UNN, this university focuses on modern and advanced teaching and research biochemistry. They achieve this by equipping the students with information that is up-to-date on every topic. Also, they combine this with practical classes to aid the understanding of the students. At the 300 level, the students go for a mandatory 6-months SIWES program to get practical skills that will be necessary to them in the world field tomorrow after raduation. The major crust of this department is Research and teaching. This is conducted on the following topics; Molecular biology of tropical diseases Medicinal plants, therapeutic and toxicological evaluation. Biotechnology and medicinal biochemistry. Enzymology. Microbial biochemistry etc.
They offer a 3 or 4-year program in the course, depending on your educational background before applying for the BSc. So, if you want to be advanced in modern biochemistry, this school is a perfect choice.


This is yet another good option for a university to study biochemistry. This university of Lagos is located at the college of medicine, the idi-araba campus, in surulere Lagos. The department offers biochemistry courses to medical, paramedical, and dental students of that college of medicine. This school is one of the best-equipped schools when it comes to researching molecular biology and also Biochemistry. This department offers a four-year program in Biochemistry, and also there’s, depending on your previous educational background. So if you are looking for where to study Biochemistry, this school is also a good option for you.


In this school, the students at 100 level are engaged in general courses to get them settled in their discipline.
From the 200 level, they are busied up with very serious biochemistry lectures. The following courses are offered by these biochemistry students; General Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Lipid and Lipoprotein Biochemistry Protein synthesis and Enzymology Plant food and nutritional biochemistry, etc.

Biochemistry is a very serious and competitive course here, so if you want to take your discipline seriously, go to this school.


The aim of biochemistry in this school include;
a) To inculcate appropriate practical skills to solve biochemical problems.
b) To prepare students for advanced areas of biochemistry courses, etc.
This is another great school to study Biochemistry. It will bring out the genius in you.


It all started in 1969 when the department of botany and zoology of Chief Obafemi Awolowo university decided to come together and form one department called biological sciences. This new department oversaw biochemistry and molecular biology until 2015 when they separated back into two separate fields of study.
This school does not just teach you the theoretical knowledge of your discipline, they also equip you with the accompanying practical knowledge to meet the ever-increasing demand of today’s world.

The last three on our list are;

8. Department of Biochemistry, University of Benin

9. Department of Applied Biochemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

10. Department of Biochemistry, University of Calabar.

They are also great school that actually stands out as far as biochemistry is concerned. No that you have been exposed to the know the best university to study biochemistry, I trust you will make a very good choice.

Good luck.

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