How to Graduate with First Class in any Higher Institution in Nigeria

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How to Graduate with First Class in any Higher Institution in Nigeria.

The world would always look out for the best performance out of a multitude of others, a lot of student are searching for how to graduate with a first class. Every year, thousands of people gain admission into different Universities to study a particular course, therefore there is need to be outstanding.

how to graduate with first class

A first class result is the best result to graduate with. You will not have to pray for a job if you  graduate with a first class because you will be looked for. It is therefore one of the ways to get a job without stress or bribery. Graduating with a first class makes you stand firm among others. It makes you looked for even when thousands of people who studied the same course as you did are available.

Meeting people with a first class certificate is rare. This therefore could explain to us that a first class certificate takes great hard work to acquire as it is not common. Nothing good comes easy, says a familiar quote.

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15 Tips on getting a first class degree in any University in Nigeria

  1. Buckle down from the start
  2. Set a Goal
  3. Keep the lights on at night
  4. Concentration
  5. Be passionate about your field  
  6. Attend lectures
  7. Always check your status
  8. Spend money on your academics
  9. Make good use of the library
  10. Take up extra miles
  11. Never relent your efforts
  12. Be close to your lecturers
  13. Stay healthy
  14. Remember to take a break
  15. Harass your tutors


  1. Buckle down from the start

In most situations it should be noted that the start can influence the end. The mistakes made at the initial stage may be difficult to correct at the middle stage, which will later have an effect on the final stage. Therefore, it is good to start well. Lay a good foundation beginning from the very first semester, and it will set a standard for you to maintain until completion.

  1. Set a Goal

 For every course to attain in life, a goal must be set. You need to decide within yourself and be determined that in the course you have chosen to study, you will be graduating with nothing below a first class. The goal you have set will be your compass. Always be conscious of your goal and let it be at the center of every activity. Any activity not geared towards your goal should be avoided.

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  1. Keep the lights on at night

 Graduating with a first class is never only a day’s work. A great work is also required at night. While others may be sleeping, you can stay awake to make intensive research. Since you receive lectures in the day, you may not have enough time to read in the day time, as such, the night is a favorable time. Spend some hours to read in the night or the early hours of the day. Success can be achieved through hard work.

  1. Concentration

For every goal set, there must be a high level of concentration and focus. Avoid every form of distraction whether human or material factor. Avoid spending much time on social media. Social media has been the greatest source of distraction among students, therefore the time we spend on it should be limited. Also avoid partying and drinking of alcoholic drinks. Do not smoke or take hard drugs as they can make you lose focus. You can also do away with friends that are distracting.

  1. Be passionate about your field  

Passion is a very strong liking for something. Develop a strong liking for your course. When you like your field you will appreciate it, you will develop much interest for it and get involved as well.

  1. Attend lectures

Most student use their lecture periods for other activities. Some even select what lectures to attend and the ones not to attend. Others depend on the notes which others who had attended the lecture had taken down. Never rely on another note because it can never be 100 percent correct but you can have a full trust on the notes you had taken down during lectures. Listening to your lecturers explanations during lectures gives you a better understanding on the topic. Understanding a topic helps you to understand more better during your personal reading.

  1. Always check your status

After every test or examination, look at your scores to see if you have really done well. Do this as often or regular as possible. Checking your status helps you to know if you are on the right track to graduating with a first class or you are losing out. When you are able to discover that you are losing out, you will sit up, but if you are not aware, you may just be floating and will never get to the top.

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  1. Spend money on your academics

Sound education is expensive and money must be spend to get the best. You should be able to spend money on buying good text books rather than buying expensive clothes, subscribe your phone in other to get useful information from the internet rather than subscribing for social media. Most female of now a days prefer to spend money on cosmetics, jewelry, and cloth wouldn’t bothered if they have textbooks or not.

  1. Make good use of the library

 A great number of student do not make use of the library in schools let alone, using the state library. Due to financial constraint, you may not be able to afford many textbooks. The library is there to get free book to read and make research.

  1. Take up extra miles

 Do not limit yourself to the lecture received in school. Read extensively and intensively. After a topic had been introduced in class do more research on your own. Read more information on the topic and gather more knowledge. You can even form a personal note from your research. Always want to know more than you have been taught.

  1. Never relent your efforts

Making first class result is not easy. So much effort has to be put. Relenting keeps you some kilometers away from your goal.

  1. Be close to your lecturers

Don’t be afraid of your lecturers they are there because of you. Always meet them you have difficulties with your studies.

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High aim is no sin. To aim to graduate with a first class is the best decision for a student in the university. But in order to achieve this, much hard work, commitment and diligence is required. You are the manager of your own destiny. A journey of a thou

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