How To Check GTBank Account Balance With Phone USSD Codes 2020

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How To Check GTBank Account Balance With Phone USSD Codes 2020

Check GTBank Account Balance – Do you know that you can check your GTBank account balance on your phone  without having to queue at the bank? Here in this post we are going to guide you on how to check your GTBank account Using Phone USSD Codes here in Nigeria. So, if you had any challenge or wondered how checking of GTBank account through the use of phone and USSD code is done then you are at the right place.

How To Check GTBank Account BalanceHow To Check GTBank Account Balance

The unstructured supplementary service code (USSD) is a combination of numbers and special character
made available by the telecommunication industry. Initially it solely used in the telecommunication
industry to solve customer related problems. However, in order to reduce high number of turnout in the
banking mall, the banking industry equally decided to tap into the idea.

This in my opinion has worked perfectly as customer sit back at home to perform most of the task they should gone to bank to. This has indeed reduce the high number of turnout in the bank to some percentage even though most of the customers are not familiar with most of this technology.

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Guaranteed Trust Bank is one of the largest financial institutions here in Nigeria that had existed for so
many years and is still operating at the highest level. Haven gain local and global recognition from
various bodies around the world, GTBank is one of those high standard banks customers solely rely on in

There are several advantages and multi-task you can carry out with the USSD Code using your phone.
What You can do With USSD Code.

Well, the advantage of USSD Code can never be overemphasized though some people are still yet to get
familiar with the system.

For me the greatest advantage of this method of banking has to be the fact
that you don’t even need internet service to perform any function. The system is connected offline and
it work with every device.

i. Check your GTBank account

ii. Transfer money to GTBank and other banks in Nigeria

iii. Top-up airtime in your phone and for others

iv. Manage your bank details such as password reset and update

v. Settle Paid-TV bills such as DStv, GoTv, StarTimes, Kwese, TsTv, etc

vi. Pay NEPA bill

vii. Pay Water bill

viii. Book Hotels and flights

ix. Transfer foreign currencies to and from domiciliary account and more.

How To Register With GTBank USSD Code

Well, there is no registration required, as long as you have a valid phone number registered and
connected to your GTBank account you are good to go. Just dial *737*0# for free and follow the
onscreen prompt.

Well, here is the full rundown of GTBank USSD Code You Need To Perform Any Transaction:

S/N Code Charges
1. Account Opening *737*0# Free
2. Airtime (Self Recharge) *737*Amount# Free
3. Airtime (Recharge others) *737*Amount*PhoneNo# Free
4. Transfers (GTBank) *737*1*Amount*Nuban# N20
5. Transfers (Other Banks) *737*2*Amount*Nuban# N80
6. Cardless Withdrawal *737*3*Amount# N50
7. Fast Track Deposit *737*48*Amount*Nuban# N20
8. Data Purchase *737*4# Free
9. Account Balance/Account No/ BVN *737*6*1# N10
10. Loan Balance *737*6*2# N10
11. Card Status *737*6*3# N10
12. Cheque Book Status *737*6*4# Free
13. Generate OTP *737*7# Free
14. Airtime Advance *737*8*1 0.08
15. Give *737*32*Amount*Church Code# Free
16. Edu *737*31*Amount*School Code# Free
17. Checkout *737*35*Amount*Merchant Code# Free
18. Total Cashout *737*50*Amount*50# N50
19. StarTimes Subscription *737*37*Amount*SmartcardNo# N100
20. Swift Network Subscription *737*50*Amount*4# N100
21. Salary Advance *737*8*2#


Haven given you all the given you all the needed USSD Code on how you can make transaction offline at
the comfort of your own home, hope you can do it yourself?. Well, if you have any complaint or still
need further clarification on this subject or any of the topics you find here on this site feel free to drop
your comment in the comment box below.

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