How to Pass WAEC 2021/2022 Without Stress or Cheating

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How to Pass WAEC 2021/2022 Without Stress or Cheating

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is a body that is responsible for administering examination to final year students of secondary schools and awarding successful candidates with their certificate of result. These certificate is very necessary for a school leaver to gain admission into the tertiary institution.

In this article, we will provide vital tips on how to pass WAEC 2020/2021 without much stress and also without cheating. Some students believe that examination cannot be passed without cheating. This is not so. One can pass any examination without cheating. Exam malpractice is a very big concern for examination bodies in Nigeria such as WAEC.

how to pass waec

If you want to make a good result in this upcoming WAEC 2021, you need to read this article so that you can see useful tips on how you read and pass this exams without stress. WAEC is not an exam that should put fear in you at all. If you have the willingness to study, you have a great chance of passing WAEC without examination malpractice. You can read 5 Common Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For Examinations

WAEC exams is not always difficult as most students think. You just need to do your part and leave the rest to God. If you don’t study for it, you may as fail the examination woefully. If you are really seriously about passing WAEC this year, then you must read this article because we will provide a lot of useful information that will help you pass the exam without expo and wihtout too much stress.

This article will provide 5 tips that will help you prepare adequately for WAEC 2021/2022 so that you can pass with flying colours. Are you ready to pass WAEC 2021/2022 this year? Then this article is definitely for you. Passing WAEC as i said earlier is not difficult at all, it is only the midset of students that keep them from passing the examination.

How To Pass WAEC 2021/2022 Easily

  1. You Must Study For It

There is no shortcut if you want to have a good WAEC result this year. You must read and that is the only way you will successfully pass WAEC this year. WAEC is doing their best to clamp down on exam malpractice and if you did not read, sorry for you.

Make sure you start reading your textbooks and notebooks and take as much note as you can when you are reading. Jot down important and salient points when you are reading, these points are most of the questions that WAEC like asking students so when you are reading make sure you take note of this point so that you memorize them.

If you want to study, ensure you concentrate fully when studying. Don’t allow any distraction to cause you to deviate when you are reading. WAEC questions are always very simple you need to understand this. The only thing is that it is always tricky sometimes so you need to also adjust to that. Let’s see the next thing you must do to pass WAEC 2021.

  1. Know How Questions Are Going To Be Set

It is very good that you have a fore knowledge of how questions are going to be set in the exams. If you don’t know how WAEC set their questions, you might be surprised on the day of the exam. Do research how WAEC use to set  their question for all the subject so that you know what to expect on the day of the examination.

Mostly, WAEC sets multiple choice questions also known as OBJ and also theory questions. Make sure you prepare well for both type of questions. In multiple choice, you just need to choose the correct option while in theory, you need to write the answer to a particular question. That is how WAEC is currently setting their question.

  1. Practice WAEC Past question

It is very important that you have past questions and not only have it but practice it every day. These years, WAEC has been fond of repeating questions from previous years so if you have been studying your past questions, you would see that different questions have always been repeated year after year.

You need to see the working of the answers in your past question for subjects like mathematics. It is not okay that you only see the answers but you don’t know how to solve them. Make sure you practice your past question and mark yourself and also score yourself. Go back to those questions you did not do well and check the answers. It is one of the sure fire ways to Pass WAEC 2021.

  1. Attend Extra Lessons.

If you have the opporunity to attend extra classes, why not attend them. A lot of lessons are always going on for those who want to pass WAEC and it is always very cheap to pay and attend. Why not boost your chances of passing WAEC by attending these classes and paying attention to what the tutors are saying.

Sometimes, what is taught in these classes can be more than what is thought in your school. You may also learn topics that you might have never had the opportunity to leanr previously. You don’t lose anything by paying and attending these classes instead you gain a lot of knowledge about topics that WAEC will focus their questions on. Attend extra classes if you want to pass WAEC 2021/2022 easily.

  1. Pray Before and After Exams.

Don’t always forget the Importance of praying to God to give wisdom and retentive memory before and after the exams. Prayer is very useful for a student who wants to pass his exams with flying colours this year. WAEC sometimes can make mistakes but your prayer can avert those mistakes.


We have provided you with 5 solid tips and strategies to apply if you want to pass WAEC 2021/2022 without exam malpractice this year. If you follow this tips, we are very sure you will pass waec with flying colours this year. Just make sure you apply this tips one after the other and you will pass WAEC with flying colors this year.

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