NNPC Scholarship Past Questions and Answer Download [pdf] Here

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NNPC Scholarship Past Questions and Answer Download [pdf] Here.

Are you one of the candidates that applied for NNPC Scholarship? if yes, there is a past question that can help you score well without stress or cheating in the upcoming test. It will really help you to refresh your memory and also stand a chance of passing the exams successfully.

NNPC Scholarship Past Questions and Answer Download [pdf] HereNNPC Scholarship Past Questions and Answer Download [pdf] Here

NNPC Scholarship Past Questions Pdf – We are glad to inform you that we now have complete and up-to-date NNPC Scholarship Past Questions Pdf and answers for download in PDF format. So, if you want to win an NNPC scholarship, then get the up-to-date NNPC Scholarship Past Questions Pdf and answers to prepare for the exam.

NNPC scholarship is a partly funded scholarship financed by the Chevron Company and Operator of the NNPC Field at various level. We have NNPC undergraduate scholarship. The scholarship is tenable both in participating training institutions powered by NNPC.


Please Note That ;

The above ones are just previews of the NNPC scholarship Past Question in PDF Format. If you need the full updated NNPC Past Questions And Answers then you will have to pay a little amount for it.

Below is a little snippet of the full updated NNPC past questions and answers


1. If a = 3 and b = -2, what is the value of a2 + 3ab – b2? (A) 5
(B) -13
(C) -4

(D) -20 (E) 13

2. 34 is what percent of 80? (A) 34%
(B) 40%
(C) 42.5%

(D) 44.5% (E) 52%

3. Jack and Kevin play in a basketball game. If the ratio of points scored by Jack to points scored by Kevin is 4 to 3, which of the following could NOT be the total number of points scored by the two boys?
(A) 7
(B) 14
(C) 16
(D) 28
(E) 35

4. Factor the following expression: x2 + x – 12 (A) (x – 4) (x + 4)
(B) (x – 2) (x + 6)
(C) (x + 6) (x – 2)

(D) (x – 4) (x + 3) (E) (x + 4) (x – 3)

5. The average of six numbers is 4. If the average of two of those numbers is 2, what is the average of the other four numbers?
(A) 5
(B) 6

(C) 7 (D) 8 (E) 9

6. What is the next-highest prime number after 67? (A) 68
(B) 69
(C) 71

(D) 73 (E) 76

7. Solve: 0.25 x 0.03 = (A) 75
(B) 0.075
(C) 0.75

(D) 0.0075 (E) 7.5

Cost of COMPLETE NNPC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

The cost of the newly updated NNPC scholarship Past Questions is 2000 NGN for all courses.

Pay to our Bank account and get it through your email address.

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