Nigeria Customs Salary Structure | See How Much Nigeria Customs Service Pays Workers

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Nigeria Customs Salary Structure | See How Much Nigeria Customs Service Pays Workers

This article is written to provide you vital information about the current Nigeria Customs Salary Structure and Allowance. See the current Nigeria Customs Salary Structure below…

Nigeria Customs Salary StructureNigeria Customs Salary Structure

According to reliable sources, the Nigeria Customs Salary Structure has been posted online. This makes it easier for us to get a glimpse of it and share it with you. Additional information can also be found on their official website at

If you have been wondering how much those uniformed men in the Nigeria Customs Service earn, this is your opportunity to find out. In this article, we bring you a comprehensive list of the total salary structure in the service.

But before that, if you applied for the Nigeria Customs service recruitment exercise, you need to download the past questions here.

OK, let’s move on to the focus of this article, which is the Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure. Recently, the salary structure of men and women of the Nigeria Customs Service was upgraded, meaning they now earn more than they did before.

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But before we delve into that, let’s discuss the job description of the Nigeria Customs Service.

Duties of the Nigeria Customs Service

  • The Nigeria Customs Service is saddled with responsibility of regulating the importation and exportation of goods in and out of the country.
  •  Impounding counterfeit goods or those who are smuggled into the country.
  • Arrest smugglers and those engaged in trafficking across borders
  • They are also responsible for ensuring importers pay the mandatory port tariffs that are needed to generate revenue for the country.

Nigeria Customs Salary Structure.

The new salary structure for this paramilitary organisation is called the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS). With this new structure comes an increase in the salary and allowances of members of the force.

In a breakdown of their salary structure, the average salary of a member of the Nigeria Customs Service is N900,000.00 per annum (N75,000.00 per month). Top on the hierarchy is the salary of the Comptroller-General, closely followed by that of the Deputy Comptroller-General, and then that of the Assistant Comptroller-General. Those ones are closely guarded secrets.

But under the new structure, the least paid Customs Inspector will earn a consolidated salary of N29,779 per month. He could earn an additional N4,740 as Rent subsidy if he does not occupy Government Quarters.

If you have any questions about the Nigeria Customs Service or its salary structure, please kindly ask in the comments section.

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