Top 10 Medical Schools for Surgeons 2020

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Top 10 Medical Schools for Surgeons 2020

Medical Schools for Surgeons 2020 – Are You Looking for a good medical school to achieve your goals as a surgeon? If yes, this page is all you need explore.


Medical Schools for Surgeons

 Medical Schools

The focus of the Harvard Medical School as always been to create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease and with their vast reservoir of talent, extensive network of affiliates and commitment to problem solving,

Harvard Medical School is distinctively positioned to steer education and research in directions that will benefit local, national, and global communities.

MD Programs: 3 4-year degree programs – HST MD Program, New Pathway, and Combined Degree Programs. — External Education: Non-degree programs for working professionals.

Continuing Education: Over 200 live, online, or regularly scheduled series classes for talented professionals. — Faculty: the faculty of Medicine includes more than 12,000 individuals working to advance the boundaries of knowledge in labs, classrooms, and clinics.

Affiliates: 17 affiliation agreements with the world’s most prestigious hospitals and research institutes that serve as home base for more than 10,000 physicians and scientists with faculty appointments. — Awards: 9 Nobel Prizes (Medicine or Physiology; Peace) by 15 recipients, 37 Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, 147 National Academy of Medicine members, and 68 National Academy of Sciences members.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Whatever you want to become, be it a physician or which ever, find a clinical fellowship or residency program, hoping to pursue a life of basic science research or aspiring to join one of the best medical art programs in the world, Johns Hopkins has what you are looking for.

Our medical and graduate programs are ranked among the top in the nation and our teachers, scientists, and physicians are some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields.

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New York school of medicine

The New York University School of Medicine is the medical school of New York University. Established in the year 1841 as the University Medical College, the NYU School of Medicine is one of the oldest medical schools in the United States, rating the 3rd in research according to U.S. News & World Report.

In 2017, it is one of the choosiest medical schools in the United States, with an acceptance ratio of 1.6 percent In 2014, New York University School of Medicine fascinated over $304.5 million in external research funding from the National Institutes of Health alone.

The School of Medicine is part of NYU Langone Medical Center named after Kenneth Langone, the investment banker and financial backer of The Home Depot. It is situated at 550 First Avenue in New York City. The School of Medicine has 1,177 full-time faculty and 3,091 part-time faculty.

Furthermore, the school has over 104 endowed professorships, 1,078 residents/fellows, 68 M.D./Ph.D. candidates and 400 postdoctoral fellows as of 2011.  The NYU Medical Center is home to the School of Medicine, the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, and the Charles C. Harris Skin & Cancer Pavilion.

 University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine

The University of Cambridge is manages the School of Clinical Medicine which was founded in the year 1540. The school is arranged into four major academic institutes: the MRC Institute of Metabolic Sciences,

the Institute for Medical Research, the Institute of Public Health, and the Cancer Research Institute. There are 14 general departments including Hematology, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Surgery.

 University College London Medical School

One of the best schools to be a successful surgeon is the Medical School at the University College London and it established with the joining of the Middlesex Hospital, the University College Hospital, and the Royal Free Hospital.

On campus research institutes include the Cancer Institute, the Ear Institute, the Institute of Child Health, the Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science, and the Institute for Biomedical Research.

Strong research relationships are also maintained with the Center for Health Informatics and Multi-professional Education, the Eastman Dental Institute, and the Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health.

 RCSI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

For over 200 years RCSI has played a major role in medical education and training in Ireland. Established in 1784 to train surgeons, currently, the College offer  wide education and training in the healthcare professions at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

RCSI is the professional training body for Surgery in Ireland. Currently, under , it is postgraduate residency training, memberships, and fellowships and continuous professional development through its Department of Surgical Affairs, Faculties of Radiologists, Dentistry, Sports & Exercise Medicine and Nursing & Midwifery.

RCSI also operates the Irish Institute of Pharmacy on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

7. University of Michigan Medical School

You want to be a great surgeon?  You should try The Medical School at the University of Michigan. The school was established in 1850.

There are two alumni of the school who have been awarded Nobel Prizes, Marshall Nirenberg for work on the genetic code.

The Medical School has nine basic science departments and 20 clinical departments.

There are a overall number of 37 interdisciplinary centers and institutes including the Addiction Research Center, the Clinical Simulation Center, and the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

8. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi

I don’t need to tell you that India has the best hospital, so it’s no surprise it’s among the best.  AIIMS is one of the esteemed and top-ranked medical colleges in India.

It conducts various undergraduate medical courses along with courses for nursing and other related areas. Students can also avail of postgraduate studies related to various medical and clinical disciplines here.

Passing an entrance exam conducted centrally is required to get admissions in AIIMS.

9. Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal

Initiated in the year 1953, the Kasturba Medical College in Manipal is the first medical college to be self-financed in private sector.

The Medical Council of India granted it recognition when its first batch of medical students graduated in the year 1958.

Initially, students had to visit Mangalore for clinical training; however, in the year 1969, clinical programs were initiated at KMC, thus making it an independent entity.

10. The Medical School at Boston University

Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC), situated in the historic South End of Boston. The Medical School at Boston University had 25 departments in basic and clinical sciences with over 650 MD students and 950 Master’s and Doctorate students enrolled.

The three clinical sites on campus are the Boston Medical Center, the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, and the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center. There are 12 core research facilities and 14 Centers of Excellence including the Biomedical Imaging Center,

The BUSM Thermo Fisher Supply Center, the Flow Cytometry Core, the Metabolic Phenotyping Core, and the Experimental Pathology Laboratory. Additionally, there are 26 affiliated hospitals and 13 affiliated community health centers such as the Veteran Affairs Boston Healthcare System.

That has been the information gathered by our team, hope it meet exactly what you looked for.

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