How to Check Union Bank Account With Phone USSD Code

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How to Check Union Bank Account With Phone USSD Code.

In this post we will show you how to check your Union Bank account using mobile phone USSD Code. We will detail just every step you need to follow to check your Union Bank account balance right from the comfort of your home. So, if you were looking for how to carry out this task then you are at the right place.

How to Check Union Bank Account How to Check Union Bank Account

Union Bank is one of the oldest Banks in not just Nigeria but Africa at large. This financial institution has been in existence since 1917 providing quality service to their customers till date. This Bank has won numerous national and internal awards giving customers and other investors to have more confident in them. Union Bank is one of those banks to enroll in the USSD technology system when it was introduced in the sector.

The unstructured supplementary service code (USSD) is a combination of numbers and special character made available by the telecommunication industry. Initially this technology was solely used in the telecommunication industry to solve customer related problems. However, in order to reduce high number of turnout in the banking premises, the banking industry equally decided to tap into the idea. This in my opinion has worked perfectly as customer sit back at home to perform most of the task they should gone to bank to. This has indeed reduced the high number of turnout in the bank to some percentage even though most of the customers are not familiar with most of this technology.

What Can You do With Union Bank USSD Code?

There are several tasks you can carry-out with the Union Bank USSD Code. Some of the task you can carry-out using the Union Bank USSD code are:

  1. Transfer funds to Union Bank account
  2. Transfer money to other Bank account
  • Top-up airtime for self
  1. Top-up airtime for others
  2. Pay cable TV Bills (DSTV, Go TV, Startimes, Kwese TV, MyTV, HITV etc).
  3. Pay NEPA Bill
  • Transfer foreign currency from domiciliary account to other account
  • Pay for flight and other tickets etc.

Here are the Union Bank USSD Codes and how they Work

S/N Services Code
1 Transfer to other bank account dial *826*2*amount*account no#
2 Transfer to Union bank account dial *826*1*amount*account no#
3 To register for this service Dial *826# and follow the onscreen prompt
4 Top up airtime for Self Dial *826*amount#
5 Top up airtime for others Dial *826*amount*phonenumber#

Advantages of Using Union Bank USSD Code

The advantage of using the Union Bank USSD code is quite numerous to mention. However, the several advantages of using Union Bank USSD code include, convenience, safe movement of funds, it safes time, you can do it anywhere, it does not require internet and other more advantage which we cannot really state here at the moment.

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Disadvantages of using Union Bank USSD Code

In as much as there is so much advantage of using USSD code to carry out some banking transaction, there is also some disadvantage attached to this technology. The major disadvantage in which several users of this service complain has to be the charges attached to each transaction. Charges go as high as 50-100 naira depending on your transaction. The other disadvantage is poor network from your network providers at crucial moments. These seem to be the two common disadvantage of using Union Bank USSD Code.

Hope we have got you covered on this very topic? However, you should feel free to communicate back to us if you still have any challenge on this topic or any topic we have posted here on our site.

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