10 Tips on How to Pass Jamb Exam Questions

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10 Tips on How to Pass Jamb Exam Questions

Jamb is not most people’s favorite exam activity because of the stress but it bring‎s a performance element into ones studies.The stress of having to perform in a jamb CBT exam can help u focus a lot of energy on effort to do well,in fact studying can help u find the will-power to pull your understanding together into d best shape your capable of.

10 Tips on how to pass jamb Exam questions10 Tips on how to pass jamb Exam questions

Hereby in this article am going to highlight u how to pass jamb Exma Questions.

1. Work out a sensible plan for preparation
To put things in perspective,think ‎about the practical constraints of an exam.how much can u write in three hours?not a lot! so u don’t need to know everything,you just need to be able to pull enough together from what you have studied. Click here to see how to pass jamb exam questions without cheating
2. Make sure u know what is expected of you
 Always keep in mind that the exam is a test of your understanding of the books you have been studying not your general knowledge.so the answer to each question lies somewhere within what you have studied.
3.‎ Be a quick thinker and quick typer
Can u think and type quickly e‎enough to pass jamb?probably!u should in any case do most of your thinking in advance of the exam itself working to a good plan can make u use time extremely efficiently.
4. Be sure to use recommended text book
    Be sure to use text books recommended by jamb and avoid in relevant ‎material,use text book indiscriminately.
5. Get hold of past jamb questions 
   One task to undertake well before the end of your studying is to get a clear picture of what is expected from you.The most effective ‎way to do this is to look at questions from previous year,get hold of information then go very carefully over them.
6. Keep in touch with other students 
    Make out time to stay in touch with other students (by phone or online)This is a time when attending classes or dropping into online chat rooms is particularly useful.Sharing ideas makes revision a lot easier and more pleasant.
7. Change to mental power 
During the last couple of days before the exam load your plan and strategies into your head because the pressure builds up in these final days.Your will be less good at deep thinking-task but you be better at practicing and answering questions.
8. Be realistic and don’t panic
     Prepare yourself‎ carefully and sensibly to build up to a peak performance.Don’t waste your energies dithering about in a panic.Just thinks calmly and clearly about the task ahead.
‎9. Check the arrangement
Because you get so geared up in the last day or two,like turning up for the exam on the wrong day or at the wrong place.So it is a good‎ idea to get all the details of the exams sorted out.Make the exam time very clearly on your calendar you mighty even consider making a practice journey to the exam centre and finding the place.
10. On the great day.
       on the great day it’s self try to approach the exam centre calmly. Do you want to pass jamb exams questions this year? if yes, Don’t attempt any last minute revision don’t even glance over your note, it will only disturb your carefully stored idea. The exam room always seem a strange place full of people you don’t know all locked obsessively in their own thoughts, don’t let the strangeness disturb you. If you have prepared your self sensibly there is no point in worrying.


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